How To Build A Brand Strategy.


Yesterday I wrote about brand insights, oxygen for the brand planner. I also explained the difference between a master brand strategy and individual tactical strategies driving marketing communications tactics.

When creating a master brand strategy, the planner must amass many, many insights.  Insights broken out primarily into customer care-abouts and brand good-ats.  Where the heavy lifting comes in and also the magic, is culling through those care-abouts and good-ats, and render a single-minded value proposition or claim. The claim is the foundation of brand strategy. (Some have called it a promise.)

I often denigrate claims in advertising, saying that most ads are all claim, no proof. And that’s true. But in brand building the claim is the key memory device. It’s the key take-away of all marketing efforts. The way to set the claim — to create an indelible understanding of the brand claim — is through proof. In master brand planning, part of the culling process is selecting three proof planks that support the claim.  Not 4. Not 5. And there must be tight linkage between the claim and proof planks.

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