Master Brand Planning.


I am in a business unlike that of most brand planners. To be perfectly accurate I am in the master brand planning business.  That is, the planning I do governs all brand and marketing activities. Not just a single tactical assignment.

A master brand strategy is a blueprint that sets strategy in an evergreen way. It’s governance over all marketing activities (product, place, price and promotion) the goal of which is to achieve a consistent brand position in the market. And in the minds of consumers. Marketing department people and their agents will still have lots to do to achieve specific marketing program and tactical objectives, so there is much room for strategists. Yet all efforts must check a few boxes on the master brand plan in order to get approved.

For the most part a master brand strategy is a one and done effort. I have redone master brand strategies for clients, but mainly when they alter their business model, change targets, or the market has changed.  I’m happy to report most client master brand strategies are future-proof to have held course. Some as long as 20 years.

So, what are all these other brand planners doing? The ones employed by ad agencies.  Well, they are doing project specific planning. Tactical planning. Fine tuning and optimization work. And hopefully finding new proof of the brand claim to refresh and energize consumer commitment. That work is never done.