Humor me and I’ll humor you.

In real life, I’m told, I’m pretty funny. On paper, bound by grammar and marketing rants, not so much. Conversely, David Brooks’ “funny” comes out on paper yet he is pretty dry as a TV pundit. Please spend a minute to read his Op-Ed piece in today’s NY Times. A democratic convention speech parity, it’s a hoot.
As we get closer to the election, Mr. Brooks conservatism grows stronger and the gap between us expands, but his humor is cleansing. It is also disarming.  Marketers who use humor correctly and not with malice, can often create stronger selling arguments.  Humor me and I’ll humor you — even if you are trying to sell me something. Humor is not a strategy, it’s a tactic but if done well it can be an effective voice for marketing. Have any examples? Write me at
Peace and Happy Labor Day!
PS. He should have written McBushcain rather than Bushmccain. 😉