I’m not a Don Imus fan but I am a listener. Opie and Anthony, please? With Howard Stern gone I turned to Imus to listen to his political guests.
Imus and his crew have long made me cringe because of racial undercurrents in their comments. If I can pick up on these cues, I’m sure people of color can. It’s wrong and way unnecessary for someone with a public forum to be so racially offensive. And frankly, it’s not even close to funny.
I love ethnic humor and off color stuff, but I don’t tell gay jokes to my gay friends or fat jokes to my overweight friends. Stereotypes and parody are great sources of humor, but name-calling is just plain lazy and juvenile.
Imus, and especially Bernard McGuirk who spurs him on, got caught for what they are. Insensitive louts. Does Imus donate lots of time, money, heart and soul to good causes? Yes. But I bet the world’s biggest hate mongers pet a few dogs and kissed a few kids in their day, too.  If he can’t be sensitive and exercise some self-control he should hang up his spurs. 
This story made it to the cover of the New York Times today. And it deserved to.