Coming out of the advertising world I always subscribed to the axiom “It’s better to show than to tell.”  If you are selling the fun quotient at an amusement park, show the ride and the kid glee rather than read copy like “It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”
Well, now that I’m on the marketing side, I realize the axiom must be expanded — showing is not enough. “Inspiring” is the key. If your marketing doesn’t inspire action or behavior change, you haven’t done your job.  Inspiration makes consumers think it’s their idea to purchase your product. As a communication form, it focuses on the customer needs and desires, not the marketer’s.   
When a consumer wants to buy your product (read they are inspired to), they are already predisposed towards it. They want it to taste good, work better, or make their life better. 
Marketer’s need to learn how to inspire customers and prospects, not just break through. If I read “break through the clutter” one more time in Ad Age, I’m going to “gurge” (short for regurgitate.)