Is Google About to be Yahooed?


Google has been drawn in to the “Microsoft is buying Yahoo” fray and it may just be what Microsoft is bargaining for. Were I Microsoft, I’d want to create as many side skirmishes as possible for Google to keep it distracted.  And Google’s Eric E. Schmidt, with all that Microsoft scar tissue on his back, has taken the bait.

Google’s strength — its brand strength — is in search. During earlier centuries when exploration was the next frontier being the “map” company was the winning proposition. In today’s internet society being the “search” company is where the gold is. That said, Google has in many respects forgotten its product mission, becoming greedy and marketed spreadsheets and word processing software, video, and myriad other off-mission technologies. It is diluting its meaning as a search company. And slowed revenue in its latest quarter has perhaps validated this observation.  (Search certainly hasn’t slowed.) 

Once Google loses its core business value, it may become Yahoo. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer may be a smarter dude