Is Your Brand Strategy Earning?


A topic I like to plumb with clients is compliance. Or adherence.  Two words borrowed from healthcare meaning is the patient listening to his/her doctor and following treatment. It’s a problem in healthcare. It’s similarly a problem in branding.

Are brand managers and marketing cohorts adhering to the brand strategy? Are they using it to guide tactics, deeds and experiences?  If they are then the brand strategy should be earning. That is, delivering value to the bottom line.

After all, that is what brand strategy is meant to do. Deliver value – shekels – to the bottom line. 

The minute Patrick Mahomes signed a $503M contract is the minute the owners and payers start asking if he is earning it. Everyone watching Patrick for the next 10 years will wonder if he is worth it. Is he earning?  Well, that’s how we have to look at brand strategy. Is it earning? Is it worth the investment? 

No one ever asked if a logo earned its keep. Or a name.  Rarely do brand managers and CMOs ask if their brand strategy is earning.  That needs to change.

Evaluate it. Dissect it. Monitor adherence. Monitor value delivery.  It’s a big part of the job