In a tweet yesterday I noted that Twitter is to marketing what stem cells are to healthcare. In the right hands, with the right intentions, Twitter can provide amazing results. In untrained hands it’s simply microscopic marketing goo with mad potential. 

Marketing News 

Good marketing news travels like wildfire on Twitter.  Say Pearl Jam is doing a surprise show on the roof of Looney Tunes Records in West Babylon at 2 P.M. today (They’re not.). Do you think that will get around the Twittersphere?  How about Looney Tunes is offering $3.00 off all CD purchases Saturday? I don’t think so.

Marketing applications for Twitter are about news. Real news, not pablum. Hashtags are the key — because they are how news spreads on twitter. And anyone can start a hashtag.  #Isleptwithtiger2. See what I mean?