Journalism on the way back.


Warren Buffett just bought 63 newspapers, saying a tight community needs a good local newspaper. I can’t disagree; Warren knows a thing.  The proper presentation of news and analysis (content) is always in demand.  Journalists get this. Bloggers and media socialists have for a few years taken the spotlight off paid journalists but the successful ones are few and far between.  More importantly, bloggers have made journalists more focused, faster and hungry.

This is not to say you can’t get depth out of blogs, or news or analysis – you certainly can.  But sometime the writing gets on the way, and the fact checking. When I first started blogging somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 million blogs a day were coming online.  That’s a lot of words.  I assume that number has slackened, but with China’s growth, who knows?

As words on the web become as numerous as atoms, we only have time to read a scintilla. Finding the best words will often fall to the professionals. I think Mr. Buffett gets that. Peace!