Junk in the trunk.

Crispin Porter is a good ad agency.  That said, I’ve often wondered whether they can represent large consumer brands in a way that actually grows and sustains business.  I’m not alone.  They have taken some heat in the press and had high profile account losses.

This past weekend, though, they ran a Volkswagen Jetta ad in the New York Times and it was “terrific.”  Sitting beneath the traditional silhouetted car photo – the traditional layout from years past – was the headline “Junk in the Trunk.”  I couldn’t pass it by.  Expecting to read about extra trunk space, I was surprised to find out all about Jetta’s extra features. 

I know Crispin is a great media company and that they conceive startling creative, but maybe they should just sit the creative teams down and ask everyone to hone their print advertising skills.  Our business is not only about being inventive, it’s about learning how to “sell.”  This may be a good place for them to recharge their batteries.   

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