Marketing Voice Archetypes.


There are three marketing voice archetypes. A marketing voice being a conduit that motivates others, convincing them toward thought, position or action. The archetypes are The Smart, The Persuasive, and The Forgivably Charismatic.

The Smart voice is convincing just on the sheer power of its brains. The recall of facts and figures, the logic with which it presents views, the scientific supports for the arguments, all make believers out of us. You believe the voice and appreciated its calm and comfortable demeanor.

The Persuasive voice may not come off as brainiac but everything it says, every story it tells, augers toward reason. It lays out a point of view almost musically as it builds toward a crescendo. The persuasive voice brackets the argument from all angles so the listener feels there are no gaps. The persuader voice is great at reading the audience – knowing when to accelerate and/or when to stop.

The Forgivably Charismatic voice seems smart and is certainly persuasive, but you sometimes know it shines the truth with a special polish. And you don’t even mind. Some examples, apocryphal though they may be, are just storytelling fun. And forgivable. This archetype is the most entertaining. The listener is most engaged with this voice and feels the least manipulated. You may not buy a house from this voice or follow it into battle, but you happily appreciate the point of view and the work that went into it.

All these archetypes have their place. But they can’t be mixed and matched. Any crossover and the listeners head goes to mush. (What archetype befits this post?)