Leadership.  It is the key to successful business and governance. Iraq needs a good leader — a homegrown person who can capture the imagination, hearts and conscience of all Iraqis. Unfortunately, Iraq has to get to the point where it is so utterly f’ed up that all factions look beyond ethnicity and religion and actually can hear the voice of a true leader. 
NBC Television also lacks leadership; that’s why it has tanked in recent years and anointed Ben Silverman co-chairman of entertainment. It is his job to right the ship. He’s got good credentials and seems in touch with today’s entertainment sensibilities, but can he lead? Mr. Silverman needs to be decisive, selfless and focused. If he is, and he makes good programming and personnel moves, people will follow.  
Jock Ewing once said to JR’s brother Bobby “You don’t give power, Bobby, you take it.” As much as I’ve always loved this sound bite, it really isn’t true. You don’t take power, you lead your way to it.  To become an American Indian chief you have to put the tribe first. Not the individual, not a small group…the tribe. 
Let’s hope against hope that a leader emerges in Iraq, and let’s also keep an eye on Mr. Silverman and see if he has the stuff to herd some NBC cats.