Let’s get over on overeating.


Obesity is an epidemic. Americans and many Europeans continue to over-eat even though they know it’s not good for them. Like the experimental rats that continue to ingest cocaine until they die, many people continue to eat until they are the butt of jokes at school, or their arteries clog in middle age, or other major health issues like diabetes occur late in life.

In England, a very large percent of the population is clinically labeled obese and the government has decided to do something about it. They’ve earmarked millions of pounds and enlisted a number of ad agencies to help create a media campaign that will highlight the problem and work to deter it. 
Like the “Truth” campaign in America which has had great success helping to squelch cigarette smoking by kids, let’s hope the Brits with this campaign makes a difference in healthy eating. Then maybe we’ll bring the same program to the states. 
Advertising can change opinion. It won’t be easy to change this addition to over-eating, but it has to start somewhere.