Yahoo Plus Danger Equals…


Danger, the maker of the coolest of the cool in mobile handhelds, has just agreed to be purchased by Microsoft. Microsoft played it quietly throughout the negotiations making sure not to look too eager, but it was a very strategic purchase. Should the Yahoo deal go through look out for Microsoft to kick into high gear in the mobile category. I don’t know Yahoo’s full mobile offering but bet there is more in it than meets the eye. I smell something going on, perhaps with an already secret Microsoft initiative, which could put Microsoft in the middle of a mobile, social, messaging, internet, advertising play of market-changing proportion.


And not to be too paranoid (hee hee) but do you think Research In Motion’s (RIM) messaging outage yesterday – the second major service disruption in 12 month — could have had anything to do with this deal? Hacker nation?


Stay Tuned. (Does anyone under 30 know what that means?)