Lose the Walmart.com brand.


I don’t begin to know the complicated ins and outs of Walmart.com’s business model. Jet’s or Amazon’s either for that matter. But I do know a thing about brands and brand focus.  And it is my opinion that Walmart’s purchase of Jet.com was a smart, smart move, however, the idea to keep the two brands separate is a colossal mistake. Jet CEO Marc Lore will now run both companies, offering him economies of scale and scope which will improve supply chain performance.  But he’ll be doing double duty in his customer facing job. Way too much work.

Walmart.com has to go away and Jet.com needs to be the face of the single entity. The Walton family needs to let go and allow Jet to really ramp up. Mr. Lore will sleep better at night, he’ll dream better on weekends and his employees will have one team to play and root for.  One of the stupidest things I did as a parent was to think my two teenagers could share a car.  Two brands can’t share a business.

Rip off the Band-Aid Mr. Lore and Walton family. This is Amazon you’re trying to take share from. This ain’t no Mudd Club, no Sears or Macy’s.