Make happy.


Every morning, I wake up, shave and listen to the news on the radio.  It’s part of my media DILO (day in the life of) – a record of the places and times when I consume media.  For a couple of months, the San Antonio Spurs have been in the playoffs and haven’t lost a game. 20 straight wins.  Not once did I hear an interview San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich.  Last night they lost to the Oklahoma Thunder and he was interviewed. What the??

What is so exciting or newsworthy about losing? Is new not newsworthy when it’s about positive stuff?  Is that why network television is obsessed with cops shows and crime? 

I was in a creative meeting yesterday and conveyed how the best advertising focuses on positives.  Not the negatives of competitors.  Consumers will tell you that almost every time.  And those consumers who don’t agree are probably not the best consumers for your brand.

Positivity with meaning is awesome. Don’t tell happy, make happy.  Puh-eace!