Marketing Hack.


What happens when TVs talk to devices? Good things.

I love the Burger King’s ingenuity and moxie in playing in its new :15 spot where the voice over says “Okay Google, what is the Whopper Burger?”  As a result Google Home devices across America (the globe?) wake up and started reading ingredients from Wikipedia. This smart marketing hack added a new contemporary dimension to TV and radio adverting. At least for a few minutes.

You gotta love Burger King. Still the tightest burger brand, rocking the “flame broiled” claim, Burger King is constantly pushing the digital envelope. I like to say “agencies come and go…a powerful brand idea is indelible.” And when it comes to Burger King, agencies have come and gone. As has corporate ownership. But the brand stays strong, and it continues to innovate with its media and media delivery.

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