Memes in Politics.


In one of Hilary Clinton’s campaign speeches on the topic of “playing the women card’ she uses a meme-able statement “Deal Me In.”  She liked it so much she used it repeatedly in her Democratic National Convention speech. In context, it was a wonderful, powerful sentiment. It became a campaign theme and meme.  

A member of the Hillary brand police should have had the foresight, however, to quash that little ditty. If you are looking at Hillary negatives, you’ll note that deals are not the best part of her legacy.  And deals in which she and Bill were dealt in on were the grist for books, opinion pieces and TV investigation shows. Being inside, was also not a personal strength.

Giving traction to the meme was a mistake. It had more ballast than “I’m with her” but offered byproduct negatives that needn’t have been raised.  Words matter. When creating memes for politics, choose carefully.