There’s a smart business development company by the name of Lead Forensics who recently did a demo for me. I had been through the demo a couple of years ago, but they are persistent marketers and I love persistence.  Lead Forensics does a reverse lookup on visitors to one’s website and marries that to a database of contacts, emails, corporate address and tel. numbers so you can attempt to find them.  

My demo person was friendly, convivial and understood her product quite well. She tried to understand me – using the initial contact, an unexpected contact before the demo results, and the demo itself — but didn’t quite get my brand. My biz/dev MO is very passive. I’d never start an email (never a phone call) with, “I see someone from your company has been to my website.”  When I cold-email someone, I do so with a nugget of value in it. Something very specific about the company, a competitor, or the market. It’s never about me.  

When prospecting, always try to understand your contact’s brand, motivation and operating culture. Lead Forensics is a good prospecting product. And it may work for some of my future clients, so the demo was not without value. But every customer is different.  And when selling, the seller needs to view them as such.