Microsoft Mission.


satya nadella

In a recent Microsoft speech in NY, Satya Nadella shared the latest company mission. I know this because following are his words. (Frankly, at America companies missions are a dime a dozen — as oft changed as ad campaigns — but when Microsoft speaks we must listen.

The mission:

“Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” Mr. Nadella added that the mission will act as “a guide to inform the choices we make every day, whether it’s a customer interaction or a product design decision.”

Whether you like the “empower achievement” words or not, you have to give credit to Mr. Nadella for boiling down what his company does.  Personally, I would call this a brand claim, but either way I like how Mr. Nadella suggests this is a guiding principle for people and product. By enculturated a brand claim throughout Microsoft, he is tightening the reins and empowering his people.

Missions are broad, brand strategies are tight.  Where brand strategies put real money in the bank, though, are via the brand planks: the three key proof or support areas that prop up the claim. This is what I haven’t heard yet. Right now we have a claim…I’m eager to hear the proof planks.