MINI R57 Cabrio –Nice Idea



"Always Open" is the idea behind phase two of the MINI R57 Cabrio communications campaign. Created by Berlin-based agency Plantage, the TV spots suggest some classic film car scenes, all of which suggest how manly it is to keep the top down, ergo the Always Open. In one ad, think the Rebel Without a Cause “chicken” scene meets Katrina. Good idea.   


Showing how much fun a MINI Cabrio can be with the top down is smart. It’s what the Cabrio does best. Plus it identifies its drivers as rebels, rebel wannabes and most importantly a car for "manly men."  The intent is to open up an untapped side of the Cabrio market. Volkswagen’s Cabriolet sales skewed heavily toward women and this was a likely issue for the MINI.  My bet?  It is going to work.