RealAge Coming of Age.


Most agree that the future of online advertising is in the hands of the data gatherers. Those who collect user data and do something smart with it will garner higher CPMs, lower their online marketing costs and improve customer satisfaction. The $64,000 question is: How can this be done without invading consumer privacy? has an idea of how to do it. RealAge provides members with a healthcare questionnaire that when truthfully answered will allow them to receive valuable medial information. People with a genetic or behavioral disposition to hypertension will receive targeted counsel. Owned by Hearst but sponsored predominantly by the normally heavy-handed pharmaceutical companies, this approach will stumble at first, but eventually find an appropriate operating level.   


RealAge does not sell its lists, acting as the list broker and trafficker of outbound newsletters, and it aggregates all the data and will, no doubt, do something smart with that too.  


I like this approach. If I were to fill out a hiking profile and get something of real value from an outdoor products companies, I’d be very happy. THIS is a business model. Peace.