Mo, mo, mo



Marketing is about selling more, to more, for more. That’s it. How you do it is the sausage making. You can call it customer relationship management (CRM), word of mouth marketing, promotion, PR, account planning, advertising whatever. Mo, mo, mo is what it’s all about.


Thanks to the Ad Age Digital Conference held in NYC this week I came across a very cool company, Kogi BBQ, and marketer, Mike Prasad, who use all the tools correctly, perhaps presciently, but what they really understand is the consumer need.


These guys and girls make great food (Korean barbecue cooked by serious chefs), sell it at a great prices ($2 for a taco, $5 per burrito), they follow the hungry crowd (using trucks), and they wrap it in a cool promotional scheme (tight targeting and appointment marketing via twitter).


I would like to nominate Mike Prasad as one of the Ad Age Top 50 Marketers and do so before they even have their 3rd truck. This idea scales beyond belief. Now available only in LA, fast forward a year or two and these Kogi BBQ trucks will be trolling the streets of NY, SF and beyond. Crazy good idea! Mo, mo, mo. Peace!