Mobile payment, do do do do, the next frontier. Walmart Pay is scheduled to go national early next year. Walmart decided to bypass M.C.X. the mobile pay consortium it entered with Target, CVS and 7-11, in favor of its own offering — presumably because of too many cooks. Apple Pay is having some hiccups. Google wants a piece. PayPal, debit cards, credit cards and even gift card companies are all looking to find the holy grail that will put Fort Knox and the printing arm of the U.S. Treasury on notice.

You just know this is the future; you can feel it.

Technological solutions for digital payment and tracking are our future. Ever wait on a long line at Costco or BJs to have a human check your basket against the paper receipt? Know how many minutes that adds to the shopping experience a year? Know how many purloined goods are missed? That experience is going to soon be like EZ-Pass. All UPC codes will have a tenth of a cent piece of “price and inventory” silica a reader will register as you walk by.

Moreover, when the processing fees of banks, credit cards and other money handling companies are cut from 2-3% down to less than a quarter of a cent, the market will really tip. And more people will be replaced by non-people.

Shopping lines will be no more. Theft and loss will be minimized. Big box stores and their little cousins will be more efficient. Analytics will be off the charts. It’s a winner. We’ll just need to redeploy workers in a smart way. It is the next frontier…and it will be exciting.

Could it be that Walmart will make more money on mo-pay systems than merch? Could be.