More’s Law…of Marketing.


“Sell more, to more, more times at higher prices” is a Sergio Zyman construct about the role of marketing. In an ideal world you’d like to do all 4. If you do all four, at the same time, you’re a marketing savant.  I work with a company Kitchen Magic that remodels kitchen cabinets for half the price of new. We replace the doors and drawers with new ones and wrap the outside of the old cabinets with a ¼ inch of new wood to match. Ingenious really. It transforms a kitchen quickly and inexpensively. Kitchen Magic has done thousands upon thousands.

If we look at Mr. Zyman’s marketing construct, refacing is an opportunity to sell “more times.”  A typical Kitchen is redone every 25 years. With refacing we should be able to reeducate the market so that people are willing to update their kitchens every 12 years. Most home owners have a price in mind when they think about redoing their kitchen. (And often that price was based on an experience from 20+ years ago.) If they knew what it really cost today, they’d be much more open to the idea.  

Kitchen Magic is on a mission to re-educate home owners as to the cost of kitchen remodeling today.  Consumers can now afford to remodel their kitchen every 10-12 years, rather than once or twice in a lifetime.  More times Mr. Zyman.

Every business needs to watch all the “mores.”