Newsweek-Daily Beast or Ballast?


Does anyone see a problem here?  Como se dice “weekly daily?” 

Okay, the venerable Newsweek is done, stick a fork in it.  The Beast is, well, a beast. Albeit not the HuffPost.  So why not bypass all the peaceful coexistence, “let’s learn from one another” BS, merge the two properties, call it the News Beast and get started.   A new publisher, Ray Chelstowski, was announced yesterday who will sit atop both vehicles, but I’m feeling more organizational mission than editorial mission.  The reason Newsweek is in the straights it is, is because of stasis.  Well, let’s go for goodness sake.  Seconds are ticking. 

News isn’t a weekly thing anymore or a daily thing for that matter.  It’s a minute thing.  What a beast does is eat ravenously.  Every minute.  It’s hungry.  It’s a beast, not a ballast. Let’s go Mr. Diller, Mr Harman, Ms. Brown. Peace!