Novant Health.


Novant Health, a system based in Charlotte, North Carolina fired 175 employees this week for not adhering to their mandatory vaccination policy. Someone put on some big girl pants. If we are to trust healthcare providers with our health, it’s good to know some people in management support scientific facts. That’s why we have peer reviews and protocols and continuous improvement programs.   

While doing brand strategy research it’s important to speak with scientists to learn the rational truth and storytellers to learn the poetic truth. I never would have come up with the Northwell Health brand strategy claim had I not interviewed Yosef Dlugacz, SVP Quality Management.

Brand Strategy is about pitching and catching. And the pitching has to be based in science.   

Novant understands it couldn’t deliver on its Hippocratic Oath had it not followed the science supporting vaccinations. Love this company. For many reasons, but this is number 1!