NSA meets Verizon meets Nielsen.


I’ve been thinking about a friend who has a clothing line catering to female teens and tweens in a particular sports category. A rich one. A co-worker earlier this year mentioned she spent more the $100,000 on this sports pursuit over the course of the child’s school years.

Knowing what I do about this target and its proclivity for texting — between competitions they sit in gymnasium halls and stare at their phones – there is huge opportunity to find “Posters.” Posters are original content creators, Pasters are their minions.

Were we to go all NSA and look at their (mom’s) cell phone bills, would be we able to tell Posters from Pasters? I’m not sure. Were we to go all Verizon on the bill maybe. Perhaps Verizon can figure out a “forwarded message” from an original picture or video post. Certainly the bills can indicates which kids are moving more media – more digits.

Then we need a Nielsen lens to look through so we can see how these young Poster ladies cluster. So  we can find what other media and products they consume and what behaviors they share. (Like listening to iPods while mom drives them to competitions. Hee hee.)

Once we cull the Posters from the Pasters we’re home free. Because, frankly, much of what they are sending across the ether is kids stuff. With a content marketing plan using a social twist, driven by a tight brand plan, we can fertilize this garden already poised to grow and grow. Peace!