OrderNet of Things


Yesterday I tweeted about the OrderNet of Things. The phase is obviously borrowed from the Internet of Things, aka IoT. It refers to Amazon’s Dash Button. I thought the button was either named after the P&G detergent, but oops that’s Tide…not Dash. (Dash was discontinued in 1992. Brain fart). I also wondered if it was named after Anil Dash, the social media and technology commentator. Again, prob wrong.

dash button

No matter, the dash button is a little USB sized button, attached to the internet that allows one to replenish stores as quickly as Amazon can deliver. The Tide button can be affixed to the washing machine. The Pampers button to the baby’s diaper pail.

The OrderNet of Things – things being consumables — may be the killer app of the IoT.  Yet the big winner will be delivery services. Perhaps the U.S. Postal Service will make a comeback. Maybe Amazon will buy FedEx.

Groceries and consumable need to get into the house. One-at-a-time, these deliveries don’t make sense from an environmental stand point, but American’s love to push buttons. I see this as a cool fad. The idea to have an idea. It’s certain to be more of a luxury purchase until we figure out how to scale it, find economies and waste less gas. It’s still cool. The OrderNet of Things.