Owen Mack Attack.


afc doctors express

Owen Mack runs a video production company up in Boston. He’s like the guitar player in a rock band you hear once…and know the band is going to be great.  I read about “The Feelies” in New York Magazine once. The 3 line blurb said “white hot” dueling guitars. I went to see them and immediately fell in love. First song. That’s Owen Mack.

The dude has killed it for Dodge Motor Company, craft beer brands, tech companies and lots of others. Check out this series of short vids for AFC Doctor’s Express. It’s a wonderful GIF-inspired short form approach that hits hard at the traditional Emergency Room offering. The use of texting to prove a strategic point and add a touch of humor is really smart. Owen has an eye and an ear second to few. (Props also to agency Sleek Machine.) Owen and his team at CoBrandit are worth a call.

Check ‘em out.  Peace.