Pent Up Demand


Three of my favorite brand planning words — words that let me know I’m on a roll and in a place near and dear to my marketers’ hearts — are “pent up demand.”  When a market is growing at a certain rate and product availability doesn’t meet the demand, a hungry market exists.  When consumers clearly exhibit behavior indicating dissatisfaction with a product or product category, there is pent up demand for functionality.  When Google searches are off the charts for information about a service, brand or activity…yep, mondo, unmet demand.

These are words any marketer likes to hear.  So when doing your diligence, fact-gathering and filling up the brand stockpot (before the boil down), ask yourself are there any areas of pent up demand related to your product or service that can be studied on behalf of customers or prospects. Competitors or detractors.  Opinion leaders or analysts.

It’s fertile area, planners.  Dig in then smile as you hear the words pass your lips during presentations.  Peace!