Pick A Brand Claim and Earn It.


I hate to pick on Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and its ad and web agency. MSKCC does such important work.   

It’s a brand with some of the greatest promise in all of brand-dom. Healing. And had the organization not developed a great brand promise “More Science. Less Fear,” I’d have probably let them go about their business. But I can’t.

The thing about brand strategy is, you find a claim, then you have to prove it every day. With every ounce of marketing being. With every marketing dollar.

Above is a screen grab of the current home page. Where’s the science? Where?

“Specializing in you” is the most over-used service headline in the history of headlines.  

Granted, the “more science” claim is not present on the home page, but it’s their claim none-the-less.