Proof and Demonstration in Advertising.


Smart advertising and branding make positive impressions on consumers by design. Impressions that predispose people to purchase.

One of the cornerstones of the What’s The Idea? brand planning rigor is “proof.”  The most powerful form of proof is the demonstration.  As a kid growing up one of the better demonstration examples was for Crazy Glue where a construction worker using his arms to hold his helmet to his head was lifted off the ground by a beam Crazy Glued to the helmet.  

Here’s a modern day proof demonstration that may actually change U.S. governance.  In a tight political race in Missouri, democrat Jason Kander is facing entrenched republican Roy Blunt. It’s a pivotal race that may alter the current senate majority. In the spot Mr. Kander, a veteran, tells the camera how Mr. Blunt questions his support of gun rights. He explains, as do most dems, that he’s not against guns, just against loose regulation. If you close your eyes and it could be an argument heard in any state — or even the presidential election. What makes the oratory unique, however, is that Mr. Kander is delivering his lines while assembling an AK-47 assault rifle. Blindfolded. Try this Mr. Blunt, says Kander.

The race has turned in favor of Mr. Kander. The ad is the reason. Well thought out demonstrations (of proof) are memorable, extensible and can change opinions. Use them.