Proof in Advertising.


Google Cloud is running a pretty cool advertising campaign these days.  Ironically, they’ve always done good advertising; a good deal of it coming from BBH. And BBH cohorts. What I like about this campaign is that they are serving up proof along with claim.  Without proof in branding and advertising there is nothing.

In their New York Times ad today, Google Cloud is furthering the notion that data analytics are the key success.  Be it business, sports, other.  Everyone has heard the term “artificial intelligence” and everyone knows about statistics and data analytics, but most people’s eyes glaze over when those thjiongs are discussed.

Google’s ad used proof to gain our interest. The ad is about the teams participating in tonight’s national championship basketball game. Rather than blather on about the cloud plumbing and intelligence, it states that Villanova connects on three point field goals from 2.178 inches farther away from the basket than does Michigan. Also, ‘nova has more successful 3-point shooters than most teams. The implication for Michigan (if they don’t read the ad) is that they are less likely to defend said 3s. Proof over claim. Proof of data. Proof of cloud. Nice advertising tradecraft.