Realtime vs. Real time.


Have you ever read a business related story about something that was really important and before finishing it sent it to your boss or client? Perhaps even without a whim of analysis? Later, only to find out that the end of the story didn’t support your view at all?  That’s the power of realtime (one word) communications.  It’s a fast twitch, new curation technique we’ve all picked up — and it’s a bit of a metaphor for marketing today.

Have you ever been in a meeting in which your marketing people or some marketing agents pepper the conversation with words like “authentic” or “transparent?”  I have. Many times. The two pop marketing terms of the day.  Well marketers wouldn’t have to be transparent or authentic if they didn’t spend so much money being otherwise. In other words, not being real.

Realtime is impulsive, focused on very near term result. It’s powerful in play, news and geolocation marketing services. But real time – being true to a marketing plan, and brand plan – is what built Apple and The New York Times and BMW and Coke.  Most marketers talk about “brand” and “culture” but operate with a realtime lens.  Find people that operate in real time and you can start to build something powerful. Peace