Redeeming Miles (on Twitter).


Miles Nadal is probably the biggest name on the scene today in the advertising and communications business.  His holding company MDC Partners has been the only one with a positive stock performance during the global downturn. His spending on minority positions in small and mid-size shops with great leaders is what has built this empire. While the big holding company officers are watching their stocks depreciate, debating assets to sell, and arguing of which employment contracts to void, Mr. Nadal was roaming the planet seeking out smart people. The marketing business has always been powered by smart, forward looking people.

I’d love to go to school on Mr. Nadal and have followed him on Twitter for a while — but he is an awful Tweeter. His tweets are inspirational quotes from others.  Aristotle?  Come on Mr. Nadal!  Building a business by finding and enabling smart people is one thing, extending that into Twitter may feel an “authentic” brand play, but it’s so disappointing.  Better to quote your own hires.  Better more, quote yourself. Posting other people’s stuff is a rage but from people like you we need original thought. Personal Twitter accounts are best when steeped in one’s personality. Give us some of dat Mr. Nadal.  Peace!