ROI is the pop marketing term of the 21st century. People who spend all time talking about ROI aren’t getting any.  ROI is s euphemism for “Is our marketing working?” If you have to ask the question, it’s not working. When that’s the case the ROI jockeys break out the analytics and the metrics and set upon calibrating tactics. What was the ROI on our email campaign? What is the ROI on paper brochures vs. PDFs?   What’s the cost per impression on vs. 
The ROI craze has caused marketing fragmentation to the degree that practitioners can’t find their way out of the tactical maze. Marketing is still about the big idea. If it’s a good idea, it can be translated into any media.  Into any tactic. If it’s a bad idea, people start to talk ROI. 
Here’s some advice, if you are in a meeting and hear the acronym ROI more than once in the first minute, feign sickness and run. Look for a strategy meeting, it’s probably upstairs or in one of the corner offices.