Call the economy what you will, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize most businesses are retrenching. Businesses are cutting people, product, stores, distribution and promotion. One thing businesses will be dialing up, however, is assessment of strategy. The business of marketing has become so tactically focused that one is hard-pressed to look at a company’s consumer-facing efforts and identify a strategy. So, what business will improve during these doldrums? Consulting.  
Companies will want to identify their best customers. Their worst customers.  Their most likely new customers. They will want to know which competitor is the weakest and why. They will “follow the money,” and consultants typically can help with this. It’s great that the SEO program is improving click-throughs and that 8% of customers are finding the website more navigable, but in today’s market it’s about validating the business strategy, not the tactic.  I call this ROS — return on strategy. ROI is so last year.