Same old GM.




There’s a new General Motors TV spot created by Deutsch breaking tomorrow that is, amazingly, the same old-same old.  More freaking upbeat music, more “moving forward” imagery, no remorse, no apology, no mention of chapter 11, though the spot does spin the word “chapter.”  It’s pretty much like watching any GM corporate spot over the last 20 years. (In fact, I’d love to pair some old voice overs with this film just for grins.)


The new GM according to copy will be “leaner, greener, faster, smarter.” Blah cubed.


The most powerful image in the entire spot is a huge sculpture of a metal fist suspended in air paired with the voice over “and fix it we will.”  Very USSR. It happens, though, to be the only emotional point in the spot that resonates.  


Here’s what I want in a chapter 11 spot. Leadership. I want acknowledgement that the company was out of touch and I want to hear what it is doing to stay in touch. I want a demonstration that the new company has good judgment, not blather about reinventing itself. Whenever I screw up I’ve found the best way forward is to admit it. To myself… then to those I’ve let down. I don’t do a song and dance about it and a God damn plié. PEACE!