Snap Out Of It.


I was reading Creativity Magazine this morning and David Nobay of Droga5 in Sydney quoted Charles Bukowski — “As the spirit wanes, form rises.”


Translated, this means we fall into ruts or expected ways of doing things as our senses deaden. Mr. Nobay suggests this happens when the economy is in the shizzer. The “suits” exert more control over the “creatives” and business becomes unusually usual.  I wrote a couple of days ago about the adgorithm, the new form of statistically driven marketing, another symptom of this lack of spirit thanks to the poor economy.


I’m with Mr. Nobay…and always have been. The best digital agencies are those with a high degree of creativity in their blood. The best media companies, the same. The best healthcare agencies and direct shops, ditto. Spirited people help marketers break out of ruts.


I recently walked into a design boutique in a very creative part of NYC and could hear a pin drop. Smart people. Nice Mac Books. Stiff aroma of coffee. But no giggling. Little childishness. Was I listening to quiet fear?  Let’s all snap out of it. Peace!