Seeing Feeds Believing.


Yesterday I wrote about the “ear,” as an important part of the brand planners toolkit. Today I write of the eye. Imagine yourself undertaking consumer discovery without your sense of hearing. What would you do? Smelling isn’t going to help too much, but sight may.  

In-store observations are sight-based. Is the shopper making an impulse buy or recurrent buy? Is s/he paying attention or just picking and packing? Does price appear to be a concern? Does your consumer appear happy and optimistic or approach shopping as a trip to the dentist?

Observe how your consumer is dressed and overlay that info on their behavior. See what type of car they drive.  Look at all the cars in the parking lot.  Look at the outside stickers on the cars. Commuters, pool members, what colleges?  Look at the repair of the cars.

Based on the daypart, what is the demographic makeup of the consumers you are seeing? Are there clusters?  How are the people interacting with one another? Communally or independently? Once you start observing with your eyes, you can’t stop, And it get better and better.

All of this info can be gathered with the eyes alone. The eyes do have it.