Shopping vs. Buying.


As I was graduating college my psychology professor suggested I look into “leisure time counseling.” “As the baby boomers reach optimal numbers in retirement they will be bored and need things to do” – hence counseling for those who unfulfilled and unhappy.

I’m reading today about electronic payment companies and a number of trials that allow consumers to use their phones to buy directly from codes on empty cereal boxes and ads in Conde Nast magazines. The words “instant gratification” appear over and over as the key benefit.  These tools are all about “buying” and less about “shopping.”

I’d like to go on record as saying that buying without shopping is bad for the economy, bad for consumers and bad for our health.  

The craft economy is an emerging cultural trend. Two things driving the craft economy are personal pride and preservation of the environment. A nicely crafted dinner, a well-finished piece of furniture, a thoughtful hand-crafted gift take time to create but provide much in the way of personal reward. Psychically and physically.  As for the environment, products that have great shelf life vs. products that go by the curb in 14 months are the new black. Well-built products that require some maintenance also fuel the America economy.  This isn’t all hippy granola shit this is a culture where people take pride in what they buy, consume, build and share. (Perhaps they will watch a little less TV, as well.)

Think about serving and fascilitating the craft economy and be early to market. Peace.