Go South Coca-Cola.


I tweeted to the Coca-Cola Company last week that they should begin exploring in the jungles of South America for the next cola bean – something around which they can build a new soft drink.  Coke will continue on for decades to come but it is definitely in harvest rather than growth mode (in the U.S.).  So take a million or two from the budget and go to southern climes in search of the next big ingredient.  

I suspect you should search for an ingredient that offers health qualities. Something that has a unique taste. Perhaps even an acquired taste.  Remember your first Coca-Cola?  It should also be a bit exotic and have a fun name. Or you can make the name up.

Hopefully, you’ll find the ingredient in a stable country, with a nice port nearby. Perhaps a country that is not a big fossil fuel burner or located on a seismic fault. Lot’s to think about, I know.

This approach is called a plan. Call it capacity planning. Call it load management. Call it stock holder value planning.  Right now there is a finite amount of consumer money being spent on beverages. Investments in Core Power, teas, coconut waters and the like are really just back-filling the carbonated soft drink hole that grows in the sale portfolio. Rather, you should find an elixir with some health properties to grow the overall size of the beverage market. Or if not that, at least take revenue from, say, the pharmaceutical industry.

So get out your machete’s and go south. Then report back.