Social Media Crackpotism #1.


I visited  the agency website of a new Twitter follower yesterday which describes itself with the catchall, “social, digital, advertising” and probably one other descriptor. The site had a video front and center which talked about new and social media.  The video offered an apocryphal statement I had to tweet: “Storytelling is the foundation of marketing?”  


The What’s the Idea? blog used to be titled “Marketing Musings” until too many people started using musings. Now it is called “Marketing Mythos.”  My goal is to highlight myths and set them straight, among other things. There is an almost a mythological set of beliefs out there being shared daily when it comes to new marketing channels.  Bordering on crackpotism. Ergo my idea to occasionally share some of the silly things I come across. And because these crackpotisms will be shared via the web, I’ll number them – a big online attention-getter.   

Why is storytelling not the foundation of marketing?  Because product is.  Other foundational cornerstones are “price,” “channel,” and “promotion.”   Feel me?  Storytelling may be the foundation of attention and memorability, even oral history — in fact, it’s a pop marketing driver of advertising nowadays — but it is not a fundie of marketing.  Tool, yes. Foundation no.