Social Promotion at its Worst


This morning I received a silly promotion that did more harm than good to three participating brands: Banff Ski resort, Visa and Klout. Here’s what I received in my email inbox: Banff Promo   If I found a $5.00 bill on the ground, I’d pick it up…I’m no stupe. If I found a five up at Banff on the floor of the bar or mid-mountain lodge, it would definitely buy two-thirds of a craft beer or bottle of premium tap water.  But to ask me to watch a promo video, print out a coupon, pack it in my bootbag before it even starts snowing (the boot bag under lots of stuff in the hall closet) so I can buy some free Chapstick the next time I go skiing at Banff, a place I’ve never been, that’s a bit of a stretch.  A trip to Banff from Long Island probably costs about a thousand dollars per person after travel, lodging, lift tickets, etc. This is not only a goofy promotion it’s a slap in the face. The whole Klout Perks thing – Klout scores rate one’s online influence — has really diminished in my eye. If I was a ski bum living in Banff I might use the coupon, but frankly this promotion is not worth the HP ink it will cost to print.  Silly.  Sorry to rant. I expected better from Visa and Klout. Peace in Hong Kong.