Some Good Whacks by Nike.




What’s the idea with Nike? 


Check out this new Weiden and Kennedy commercial for Nike Golf, a wonderful piece of entertainment that will not only make you smile but it will get you thinking about The Masters, green, green grass, and morning dew. It should even drive golfers into stores. Good advertising makes you feel something, then do something. This one made me lol and write a blog post. 


Nike ads have always been good at getting people to “just do it,” and with Nike’s unfairly high share-of-market that’s been enough to keep them chugging.  When leaders pump the category they tend to win.  But leaders still need to make deposits in the brand bank and I’m not exactly sure, based on this spot, that I know why to buy Nike other than because Tiger does. And though that is probably reason enough for many, I’d certainly like to see some sly Tiger reference to the product here. Look down the shaft of his new wedge while walking into the locker room. Test the flex of the club… Something.


That said, this is still brilliant work. The music, sound design (whack, whack), editing and brief were nearly flawless. Peace!