South By…the Future


I am really Jonesin’ for SXSW (South By Southwest).  A couple of years ago while with we had a music thing going so we went to South By Music. South By Music is different than South By Interactive which starts tomorrow, but they are back to back events in Austin, TX.  Interactive is about web apps and Music is about musicians and bands looking to be signed. There is some cross over but for the most part the shows have different attendees.

 At Interactive Mark Zuckerberg speaks.  At Music the band X plays.

At Interactive iPods are emailing and tweeting. At Music they’re tuned to BootLiquor.

At Interactive the kids from UT have resumes. At Music they have CDs.

At Interactive there’s lots of paper. At Music paper is verboten.

At Interactive the kids are hungry for money. At music they are hungry for food.

At Interactive the taco joint on 6th is jammed. At music the taco truck is jammed.

Both shows are awesome and showcase their industry’s rock stars.  The Shiner Bock flows, the line at Stubb’s BBQ is McCrazy, the taco truck at the loading dock at the Convention Center still sells the cheapest tacos in town (with mashed potatoes) and the vibe is the future.  Peace!

PS. Please comment your Interactive/Music comparisons.