Spam Words.  


The unsub button is set you to allow you to stop unwanted emails. The first options is

__ Too many emails.  The second is

__ Not relevant to me.  The third is

__ Too promotional.   And the fourth is

__ I don’t know why I’m receiving these emails.

They put the first one in that position to increase the chances of it being elected. Then the email company can argue spam emails are not so bad there are just to many of them…and stay in the spam business. Just with a bit less frequency.

Spam is to email what TV commercials are to broadcast TV. Unwanted intrusions.

Brand planners are all about relevance. And salience. Advertisers are about attention. Email marketers are clicks. And marketers are all about selling…and all of the above. The problem with most of the above, is that it negatively impacts relevance and salience. Consumers are conditioned not to believe certain words.  Certain claims: better, faster, tastier, cheaper. These are spam words.

Brand planners have to weed out the spam and identify new ways of conveying value. New strategies to garner interest, desire and action.

I like Spam on sliders, not in my copy.