Spidey Gonna Fly.


Spiderman is a play running on Broadway created by Julie Taymor (a Lion King contributor), Bono and the Edge of U2.  It has been in the press lately for many things negative.  Though it hasn’t officially opened, it’s been playing to packed houses and making some money.  There is a lot of flying on wires above the stage and, no doubt, some good music written by Bono – but so far negs outweigh the positives thanks to a number of broken bones, concussions and a report today that the leading bug lady has decided to quit.  It may all sound like bad news…but it’s certainly news.  And Spidey is in the papers daily. 

The advance reviews haven’t been great, but it’s a unique play and one that kids will love.  With a great song or three, this baby should take off.  And with a little danger, a la the flying scenes, a constant promise, the rows and seats should be filled for months if not years.

Bono, Taymor, Broadway, danger, big music – these are things that make for successful entertainment.  Sight unseen, I’m thinking big win.  Peace!