Stern Points to iTunes Future.


I miss Howard Stern, having developed a taste for him while commuting 20 miles a day to an office not far from the Roosevelt, NY town where he grew up.  He made me laugh and he talked about things many people thought but never mentioned. When Mr. Stern went to Sirius satellite radio from terrestrial radio I was let down, but not so much that I anteed up a fee for his vocal services. Yesterday it was announced Stern would sign on to Sirius for another 5 years.  The Sirius stock, valued at less than $2, moved up $.07 on the news.

It was rumored that iTunes was in the running to pick up Mr. Stern. Now that’s something to think about — Apple getting into the content creation business.  Or should we say, furthering it content resale business? I suspect it was more of the latter.  Stern has enough money and clout to get his own studio, equipment, lawyers and accountants to pull off the show by himself.  In effect, in a deal with iTunes he would using them as a form of PayPal to collect the dough.  But Stern opted out. Too much work and too much future.    

It will be fascinating to see what iTunes turns into in 10 years. And I’m guessing it won’t be tunes. iTunes may become a competitor to YouTube, to television (network and cable), print and radio.  The only question is whether or not there will be an ad-supported business model. iTunes will change everything – even more than it already has. Stern could have helped. Peace.